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Offers genuine Italian hospitality in a whole European Union. Skiing in Livigno is to immerse yourself in nature, the sight of the famous mountains of the Bernina group to the south and the Ortles - Cevedale east.
The variety of tracks and a great quality of Livigno.
Fun for everyone and for any capacity with 12 black runs, 37 red and 29 blue.
The Little Tibet plant has a modern network of lifts:
- 6 gondolas
- 13 chair lifts
- 11 skilift
Capacity per hour total of 47,300 people.
Nordic Cross-country skiing
in Livigno has great traditions, excellent pistes of all levels of difficulty and length wind through beautiful scenery for more than 40 km.
Each year in December the Sgambeda, Marathon International Long Distance, opens the season this discipline.
Snowpark Amerikan:
Located on the slope of the ski lift No. 10 Amerikan is the last Park was born in Livigno. 2 with 12 rails and jumps is the ideal place for those who engage in acrobatics on skis and a snowboard. Maintenance and milling are daily, delivering the best. And once a month to perform in this area mini-shows that always leave you breathless. To visit at least once.
Snowpark Mottolino
Snowboarders and free-lovers can challenge skiers in the snow park with Superpipe Mottolino, halfpipe, rails and kickers. The snow park is spread over a length of 600 m. and is served by a chairlift seats 4 (No. 8). The daily maintenance and milling. The novelty of the season will be 2 new jib lines, one for beginners and one for advanced riders, a more complete range of kickers to cover all lengths from 1 to 12m apart from the classical and a central structure in the pro- line a surprise!
Livigno Park Carosello 3000
Snowpark is located on the runway and is served by the Powder Carosello 3000 gondola second trunk. Admission is free, with a release to sign, and the compulsory use of helmets. For those who are lacking and there is the possibility to rent helmets for free entrance to the park.
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